Star Hiker
Alpha v0.3

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Welcome to Star Hiker, a sci-fi world filled with ships, lasers, monsters, pirates and more! This game is currently in development and we welcome your input! Get in on the ground floor and help change the gameplay and story of the entire game as I shape it to the world the Player's make!

Fully Customizable Pixelart Characters!



Rob Muller, CreatorMy name is Rob. I'm a web developer in Alaska. I love pixelart, sci-fi, casual games, and fun communities. Therefore I made Star Hiker as a web-based game to help me learn how to code, and to create a universe that would be fun for people to express themselves and play around in.

The game has come along way in my time of developing it. I've written over 7000 lines of code to make it so far. Right now we're in pre-release Alpha stage where I'm having some people join me and play it so that I can adapt the game mechanics to balance out and still be fun. This means I could really use your feedback. Please post regularly in the forum and in teh chatroom and talk about what you'd like to see done different, or what you really like. Obviously don't shy away from complimenting me if you like it :). That goes a long way....